A different type of investment


v.do-nat-ed, do-nat-ing, donates
To present a gift to a fund or cause; contribute.

So what on earth are we on about with donation photography? The term investment is consistently used across the wedding industry to indicate the price of a particular service without it coming across as ‘WE WANT YOUR MONEY’. To us investment means something completely different. Our donation only photography service is something we are passionate about and we have been lucky enough to work with some fantastic
couples whose generosity knows no bounds.

Are we mad? You could say that… You’ve probably not come across this concept when looking at other photographers. This is new and exciting we know, for us and for you. Consistently delivering a product that our couples love affords us the opportunity to try something a little different

with our “investment strategy”. We believe in our photography and we hope this is evidenced in our portfolio so far.

Progress is impossible without change and we want to change the way people think about booking their wedding photographer. Not booking solely on price but considering other factors. We want your wedding
photos to represent you and your beliefs, not what a hotel or hall has told you to do. It’s your special day. Nobody elses.

We believe this is something you should consider when booking your wedding photographer. Whether it’s us, or the next photographer you click on. Ask yourself, is this person going to tell my story? or their story?

Your wedding photography isn’t something you should consider lightly and also not something you’re going to discard after your first look. This is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Your images are something you want to look back on in 20 years time and be

immersed in, transported back to that moment when you married the
person you love. After taking all this into consideration we decided to take a slightly different approach to “investment” offering a donation only wedding photography service. Like we say we believe in our photography and what it’s worth and hopefully you will too. No minimum, no
maximum. No guidance on how much. No preferences made on donation size.

So what’s included? We photograph your wedding from the moment you start getting your glad rags on right through into the partying late at night. We are there all day, no set times. 350+ edited photos provided on a USB and a slideshow telling your unique story.

Having a destination wedding? Then we want to know about it! We’ve shot destination weddings in India, France, Greece, China and Spain and we love a good adventure. To find out more you can send an email through our contact page. Thanks.