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Hi there we are Mike and Tom a husband and wife duo…based in the U.K. travelling all over the world photographing beautiful couples in love.

Please bear with us for our story…

So who are we? We are Mike and Tom… We were both born and raised in Stoke–On–Trent, yes not the most exciting place on earth but if it’s good enough for Robbie Williams it’s good enough for us. We met at Secondary School. Each of us residing in separate blocks of the school it seemed our fates would never cross. It’s fair to say that Block B was a lot sportier than the greebo (heavy metal music) scene of Block A.

Entering third person mode now.

Mike was one of only a few who broke the block A mold and ventured to the school football team trials where he met Tom and fell in love... That’s pretty much it. Not too big of a story but that’s all they can remember.

During sixth form the friendship took route in a mutual decision to go to Tom’s house at lunch, watch Scrubs, attempt to do P.E. coursework, make soggy cheese toasties, battle to the death in endless games of fifa and of course steal…sorry…borrow supplies from Mr Lee’s art cupboard.

After sixth form they both went their separate ways as University
beckoned. Tom went to Sheffield to study Sports Marketing and Mike went to Staffordshire and Birmingham to study Fine Art where they both got first class degrees and all that jazz. It was here that they both found a mutual affinity to all things media related, films and advertisements, art and music and of course photography.

Back to normal speaking mode now.

We started out shooting promotional videos for local businesses but in 2013 we took a giant leap. Saying goodbye to the safety you get from making a promotional video where you can re-take a scene multiple times

we jumped in at the deep end of the altogether more terrifying pool that is wedding photography. And we have never looked back! We are now honoured to say that we have travelled all over the world shooting couples in love. From destination weddings in India, Greece, France, China and Spain to domestic weddings in Norfolk, Sheffield, Cheshire and London. Our storytelling has crossed many
borders and we have made many friends along the way.

Our bag includes both digital and film cameras. Digital for the speed, film because well, there is just something special about it. We are great
believers in it's not what equipment you've got it's how you use it.
Someone once said that ‘the best camera in the world is the one you have with you’. It's much more about seeing the picture unfolding and being able to recognise when to hit the shutter, you can take killer frames with an Iphone! If you approach things with an open mind you can create
anything. Boundaries are boring. With every wedding we shoot we try to take an open mind, no preconceptions of the couple or location, we want

to create images in that very second. Entering each wedding with a fresh perspective feeds our creativity.

That’s pretty much our story and our life.

If you really want to find out more about us you can, just send us an email to [email protected]. Alternatively you can check out our
investment page or get in touch via our contact form. A selection of our images can be viewed on our portfolio page. Thanks for listening to us ramble on. We look forward to hearing from you.

Just as a side note…we aren’t actually a husband and wife duo. But if we were we’d be the best husband and wife duo…IN THE WORLD!

If you are looking for a wedding photographer Cheshire look now further. We are based in Cheshire and the Cheshire area and would love to hear more about your wedding day.