Emma & Tom – First Look / Cheshire Wedding Photographers


In mid August we travelled across to Cawthorne to photograph Emma & Tom's super cool wedding at Cawthorne Cricket Club. Some might say that the weather didn't really turn up and to be perfectly honest it didn't. If you can remember the huge storms we had in August well this wedding was smack bang in the middle of them! When you see the photos you will definitely see that Emma and Tom didn't let that put them off at all! They let the rain fall and partied hard amongst the storms.

When it comes to wedding photographers we like our weather to be just right, overcast when we need it and epically sunny for those summer night sunsets. It's rare that rain ever pops up on a photographers must have list. Having said all that the fact that Emma and Tom were willing to go for a little explore meant that we got some pretty nice couple portrait shots. Well we think so at least!

Moving onto the wedding itself and everything that made up their special day then. Well we love getting to tell a story and when the day moves

around from the morning, onto the church before hitting the venue it means that we have a much bigger story to tell. For us it brings plenty of dynamics to the day with a load of great variance to the shots we take. We will go into more detail tomorrow when the full wedding hits the blog but for now all we need to say is that every single venue rocked!

Getting to be part of weddings like this is the reason we love our job so much. We take pride in our photos and can't get enough of looking back at the moments, everyone enjoying themselves having one heck of a time.

As just mentioned we are going to be posting the full album tomorrow evening but until then you will have to make do with the little preview to the left. Keep your eyes on the blog tomorrow because we promise it's a cracker of a wedding!

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